What happened to Snapchat?

It’s obvious that Instagram is invading what helped Snapchat gain momentum in the first place — a lack of permanence. Prior, the rivalry between the apps was minimal because Instagram was purely a catalog of memories.

But what allowed Instagram — a Facebook-owned company — to swoop into Snapchat territory is a longstanding complaint against Snapchat — it’s difficult to figure out how to use. Remember that disastrous Snapchat update a few months ago? It was confusing. It angered people. People begged that the update would be rolled back. Unfortunately, this problem was not new to the app.

So, knowing that users have been frustrated, Instagram created a more intuitive version, with easy-to-use filters, typing tools and on-image drawing. No awkward screen swipes or wonky tap combinations necessary.

Then, Instagram continued to roll out new features. It added video support, DM capabilities, custom geotags, a Boomerang feature, rewind and a self-timer. Plus, with every update, just so users wouldn’t get lost, Instagram provided a video explanation. Oh, snap!

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