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Instagram Marketing Tips

1) Provide Value 2) Tell a Story 3) Talk with your Audience, not at them 4) Use Relevant Hashtags 5) Post engaging content 6) Choose a theme 7) High-quality content 8) Model content has already been proven

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What happened to Snapchat?

It’s obvious that Instagram is invading what helped Snapchat gain momentum in the first place — a lack of permanence. Prior, the rivalry between the apps was minimal because Instagram was purely a catalog of memories. But what allowed Instagram … Read More

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Instagram Engagement: Everything You Need to Know

With over a billion users, Instagram is officially at the forefront of the social media marketing world.  It took the platform a mere eight years to get there. Founded in 2010, Instagram has gradually entered the competitive sphere – mostly … Read More

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The Rise of 5G

The past few years we’ve seen an increased speculation and interest in the rise of 5G and it looks like 2018 will be the year that this technology becomes reality. AT&T announced that they would introduce mobile 5G to a dozen select … Read More

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